Our Product Categories

FI&S provides the food processing industry with food technological functionality by developing, producing and selling custom made blends and solving customers’ problems. The technological functionalities FI&S has to offer include structure, texture, binding, coating, yield, improvement of shelf life, taste and color. By providing functionality to food processors, FI&S is able to make the products of its customers more valuable in terms of economy, customer experience, quantity, product quality, process quality, consistency, (food) safety, reliability and appearance.

FI&S operates a state-of-the-art product application laboratory with pilot scale equipment. The available individual equipment can be combined in different configurations in order to mimic virtually all processes in all segments of the food industry. Thanks to our application laboratory we can develop without disrupting our customers’ day-to-day operations.

Injection & Tumbling

To apply structure,
texture, taste,
shelf life and yield.

Marinades & Spices

To experience
texture, taste
and appearance.

Batters & Coatings

To create adhesion,
texture, appearance
and yield.

Binding Mixes

To provide binding,
structure, texture,
taste and appearance.